Friday, July 12, 2013

New beginnings...

I couldn't resist, I have started a new blanket last week! I just can't help it, crochet blankets are my favourite things to make!  It is going to be a simple granny square cover for my sons bed. I took him over to the yarn shop  and let him select the colours. He chose a lots of greens and blues, but also red and pink, which I didn't expect, but really love! :) This blanket will be my new one-a-day project, as I will make only one square in the evening and join it as I go. So it will take me around 18 weeks to finish it, but hey, there is no hurry!

And this leaves me some time for other things, like finishing all Christmas presents before December (hopefully!!) I'm planning to give everybody in my family a handmade gift this year. And the first one is already finished! I made a water-bottle cover for my little sister. I hope she will like it! I have used this pattern here, and just made it a little longer to cover the bottle and add a few rows of ribbing.

And finally, I have started to use my sewing machine! The poor thing is waiting to get used for more than a year now and I was simply to scared to start. Last week I thought why not doing it like I have learned to crochet and knit, starting with easy little things and leave the complicated stuff for later.
I found  this pocket tissue holder tutorial for a start and it was really easy to do!
Summer holidays have started here this week and I'm looking forward to a lot of time outdoors exploring the nature with my little son!

Take care everybody and thank you so much for reading!!


  1. Oh a good reason to make a blanket, the colours he chose are lovely! I can't wait to see more of it!

    I really need to start on christmas presents...I left them too late last year!

  2. Nice colours have your son chosen! Have fun making it!
    I think your sister will be very pleased with her present :-)
    Have a nice summer holiday!

  3. Tolle Arbeiten!
    Liebe Grüße,*Manja*

  4. That is a great idea to make one a day and join it. I need to get organized with my yarns so I can have it ready when i have just a few minutes.

  5. This will be a lovely blanket! I adore your hot water bottle cover. So pretty!

  6. Gorgeous makes Barbina and I love the colours your son has chosen for his blanket! Your tissue holder looks perfect too and your hot water bottle cover is a lovely design...
    Hope you have a great weekend enjoying the sushine!
    Susan x

  7. Hello Barbina, I hope you and your family is enjoying the great out-0f-doors with your little son. From the photo it looks like you may live in Southern Germany... I lived in Germany for 2 years and loved every minute of my time there... Your crocheting projects are very very lovely.. I especially LOVE your knitted bunnies.. I do not knit so that is probably why I like them so much.. Love work indeed.. Have a lovely Summer in Germany.. Hugs Judy

  8. Hello Barbina, I forgot to say I am your newest follower.. Hugs Judy

  9. I love the colors for the blanket. I have a few squares that I made from leftover yarn that I hope to make into a blanket eventually lol. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Hi Barbina, how are you hon? It is so lovely to pop by and visit after months away from blogland. I adore the colours your son chose for his blanket - it's going to be stunning. And look at that hot water bottle cover - it's absolutely gorgeous!

    See you again soon. Have a fantastic week hon.

  11. Die Decke wird bestimmt total schön! Ich hab die letzte Zeit schon öfter mal gedacht, daß Lila, Pink usw. mittlerweile scheinbar gar nicht mehr soo schlimm sind für Jungs ;-). Die Wärmflaschenhülle sieht super aus, besonders süß find ich die Herzchen! Ach und mit der Nähmaschine sprichst Du mir aus der Seele, Barbina. Was bin ich froh daß es mir nicht allein so geht ;-). Ich wollt schon so lange mal nähen lernen und hab dann letzten Herbst eine Nähmaschine bekommen (die vom Lidl). Aber die steht allen Ernstes immer noch da! Pläne hab ich zwar (so à la "ich leg einfach den Stoff auf ein passendes Shirt und schneid danach aus" *lol*), aber so richtig trau ich mich nicht ran. Für mich sieht selbst die Tatü-Hülle kompliziert aus! Deine ist wirklich super geworden, Hut ab :-)). Vielleicht sollte ich das mal als Anstoß nehmen, auch endlich anzufangen *g*.


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